Sea Turtles

Adopt a Sea Turtle!

As you witness the amazing turtle rituals on our beach, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime. Now, you can enhance your experience by “adopting” a sea turtle.

When the nesting mother arrives on our beach and buries her eggs, her flippers and nest are tagged with a unique tracking number. This allows our turtle experts to monitor the mother’s future nests and emergence of hatchlings, which occurs about 60-70 days later. Our tracking process facilitates ongoing email updates to “moms” and “dads” when their turtle returns to the beach and also when their eggs hatch. Unfortunately, we can’t track hatchlings after they leave our beach, but we will let the proud parents know how many hatchlings emerge from their nest.

The best part of this opportunity is that the mother you adopt is the same turtle you actually met and witnessed during your stay. You’ll even have the chance to choose the turtle’s name, which will be placed on your adoption certificate!

Adoption Certificate for Maya

32 adoptions and counting

NET began the adoption program in 2010, and we’ve since had 32 adoptions! The program is continuing to grow as we encourage guests and visitors to take a stake in the cause.

It costs US$50 to adopt a mom, and US$25 to adopt a hatchling. The proceeds benefit NET (Nature Enhancement Team) Rosalie, the Community Sea Turtle Organization that helps protect three species of critically endangered turtles. Your contribution can help with research, excavation, and ultimately save sea turtles.

You can’t find a more unique souvenir than this! Adopt a turtle for yourself or bring home a certificate as token of love for a friend, child or loved one.






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