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Rosalie Bay
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Rosalie Bay Welcomes CHC Nexus

For some, Rosalie Bay can be an thrilling, eco-friendly vacation destination. For others, our wellness resort is a place of education and field-learning.

We love welcoming students from local classes as well as international programs to visit Rosalie Bay and immerse themselves in a world of nature, energy conservation, turtle protection and environmental initiatives. Cape Henry Collegiate’s Nexus Global Studies Program recently traveled from Virginia Beach, Va. for a week of Dominica culture, community and adventure.

CHC Nexus

Island Exploration

Each morning, the group met with Nature Enhancement Team (NET) Director Simon and Activities Coordinator Judy. The duo loved guiding our guests through the rainforest, sharing Dominica’s history and showing off our island’s flora and fauna.

A favorite activity was the hike to Denier Waterfall in Grand Fond. After the challenging trek, the group enjoyed a refreshing swim beneath the falls.

Denier Falls

Other highlights include visiting the coastal lookout on Petite Soufriere trail, swimming in the Rosalie River and picnicking.

Fun picnic lunch and hike

Turtle Protection

Judy and Simon taught the 14 teens and their parents about endangered sea turtles and our ongoing efforts to protect the species. Fortunately, the group was able to witness an egg excavation and turtle release—an experience that many said was a favorite memory of the trip.

Turtle hatchlings

Community Contributions

Much to everyone’s excitement, the group’s efforts made a positive impact on our beach. They removed litter, debris, logs and driftwood to create a clear beach and safe environment for turtles. We greatly appreciated the team’s drive, dedication and positive energy.

Beach Clean Up

These delightful students quickly found a place into our hearts. We had a great week introducing them to our island and hope to welcome back the next CHC Nexus group!

all featured photos courtesy of CHC Nexus


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