Summer Sea Turtle Encounters

Our most popular “guests” continue to visit this summer. Here’s the latest news since our last sea turtle update. In June and July, 12 Leatherback turtles came ashore and three nested, and four Green sea turtles visited and one nested. This brings this year’s nest count to 24 so far – 19 Leatherback and 5 Green […]

Honored for 10 Years of Protecting Sea Turtles

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the sea turtle conservation efforts, which began at Rosalie Bay Resort. In honor of this milestone and an ongoing commitment, owner Beverly Deikel and her partner Oscar were recently honored by the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Physical […]

May sea turtle season update

Hatchlings are starting to emerge! This season’s first sea turtle hatchlings made their way from the nest to the Atlantic Ocean on May 22. These baby Green sea turtles were from one of three nests from the same Green sea turtle (we named Brittany). Her second nest hatched later in the month and 95 Green […]

Season’s First Sea Turtle Hatchlings Emerge

The baby sea turtles have started to hatch! The first sea turtle hatchlings of the 2012 sea turtle nesting season emerged on Tuesday night from our protected black sand beach. There were 92 Green sea turtles that climbed out of their nest and made their way out to sea. Last night, we excavated the nest […]

Take a sea turtle home

No, not a real sea turtle.  But a local, hand-carved turtle to remember Rosalie Bay Resort and the sea turtles who nest and hatch here each year. Wood carver Frankie Phillip, who is 24 years old and from the nearby village of Grand Fond, created these beautiful souvenirs exclusively for Rosalie Bay Resort. Each sea turtle features […]

Sea turtle season update

We’re two months into the sea turtle nesting season for 2012 and have seen an increase in turtle arrivals along our black sand beach since last month’s update. There are a total of 11 confirmed nests now at Rosalie Bay Resort. Seven of which are Leatherback nests and four are Green turtles. Did you know that […]

Sea turtles are arriving

For the first month of the 2012 sea turtle season, there were three leatherback turtles that arrived to nest at Rosalie Bay Resort. These gentle giants can only be seen on the Atlantic coast of the island as they need the bigger waves to help them come ashore. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the […]

2012 Sea Turtle Season Begins, How You Can Help

March may signal the beginning of spring for you. Here at Rosalie Bay Resort on Dominica, it signals the return of our famous guests – the sea turtles. From March through October every year, the Green, Hawksbill and giant Leatherback turtles come to our black sand beach to nest. It is always a spectacular event […]

One of the Top Spots for 2012

In the December 2011 issue of Caribbean Travel + Life, the editors named Rosalie Bay Resort one of the “2012 Top Spots.” The article writes, “Nestled between Dominica’s jagged Atlantic coast and the Rosalie River, Rosalie Bay Resort is a no-brainer for nature lovers.” It continues to highlight our sustainable efforts, including the wind and […]